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Indoor Axe Throwing In Sun Peaks

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Welcome to Cleavage Axe! We are the premier axe throwing company located in the resort town of Sun Peaks offering the authentic Canadian axe-perience. We are located at 1240 Alpine Road Unit 9. My name is Paul, I’m an axe coach, my intention is to make your experience with us exciting and memorable. Axe throwing is one of the best indoor activities to do for any type of occasion. Our slogan is “I’m sexy and I throw it” which let’s be honest here, in one word, legendary. A great stress release along with the satisfaction of sticking your axe into the target has made axe throwing one of the fastest growing entertainment options in North America. After a long day of skiing, Cleavage Axe is open for your entertainment needs. Whether it is a date night, birthday party, bachelor/bachelorette party, corporate team building, family activity, or just to drop in for a good time, we will have you covered. Your axe coach will be available throughout your time with us to make the experience thrilling and enjoyable. We have a fireplace to warm up by while you relax after an epic day of skiing. Cleavage Axe has teamed up with various local businesses so we can supply your axe throwing with some great food.

Double Clutch

Where To Book

We encourage you to sign up online as our booking times are available and waivers will need to be signed. When you arrive at Cleavage Axe and after being checked in you have the option of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and snacks behind the bar. Anyone over the age of 10 is allowed to throw an axe. For the younger kids we have plastic axes with targets and games for them to enjoy. What’s exciting for me as a coach is demonstrating three different ways to throw an axe into the target area. We will teach you to throw with two hands, one hand, and underhanded.  Our goal is to have our customers stick an axe in three or less throws. After a long day of skiing keep up that competitive fire as the axe strikes wood. We have many games for you to play and keep that edge for another epic day on the slopes. There is nothing like competing against family and friends for bragging rights. Then warming up by our fireplace and reminiscing about your glorious victory can feel like a family activity all in itself.

Here are some of the various ways to arrange an axe throwing party at Cleavage Axe. You can signup online for one- or two-hour options. Additionally, if you have a large party to entertain, you can book our whole facility, giving you lots of space. Axe Throwing in Sun Peaks is a great indoor activity for people of all ages.

Axe Throwing Date


For our couples, axe throwing is a great way to break the ice and have fun at the same time. Whether it is your significant other or perhaps organizing a double/triple date night, axe throwing is a great way to try new things and bond with each other. As a relationship builder you can turn up the competition by making a little friendly wager. Maybe, who is going to do the dishes, who’s going to be cooking dinner next or if the games haven’t gone your way (no throwing axes at each other by the way) who will be sleeping on the couch. Taking pictures at the end of your session is a great way to remember and share with your family and friends. Warming up by the fireplace with some refreshing drinks and some Sushi from Oya is the perfect romantic way to end your date.

Snowboard Team Axe Throwing


As far as indoor activities go, axe throwing is one of the best ways to celebrate a birthday. Sure, cutting a cake is a satisfying feeling however adding an epic axe throw is the icing on the cake. Axe throwing is a sure-fire way to add a smile to any face and release your inner lumberjack. Hitting the bullseye or the clutch will surely bring bragging rights and we encourage the use of good-natured ribbing. Additionally, the many games we offer will keep you excited and yearning for more opportunities to show off your skills. If you need a birthday gift, we offer some rad merchandise. We have hoodies, shirts and hats with some catchy slogans such as “Pain in the Axe” and “I’m Sexy and I throw it”. Party platters from Ohana are a great option for your family activities as they have various meats, cheeses, fruits and veggies that everyone will enjoy.



So, the single life is about to end for you, let us bring about this new change in your life with the indoor activity of axe throwing. To ease the stress of your wedding come throw some axes with us to bring relief and have a few laughs. With bachelor/bachelorette family and friends in attendance throwing axes is a fantastic way for people meeting for the first time to connect. As a family activity axe throwing in Sun Peaks will give time for the bride and groom to relax. Additionally, it’s a great way to start or end your party weekend with a bang. So, we encourage the use of photography to celebrate the special day and create a lasting memory of your special occasion. Pizza is a great option for theses parties, and Mountain High Pizza is the best in the land. With beers and a cider option on tap along with canned alcoholic beverages we can create a lasting bonding experience for your guests.

Corporate Axe Throwing Events


With Covid restrictions eased and a sense of normalcy returning in business, axe throwing is a fantastic indoor activity to team build and bring confidence back to your employees. For workplace bonding, axe throwing with Cleavage Axe will inspire and provide much needed stress relief. Whether it be Christmas, Halloween or a day that ends with a y, we can provide the entertainment needed. So have some drinks and some great food to bring a smile to the good people who work for you. What do you provide? How about some scary costumes or an ugly sweater contest to bring a little swagger to the event’s proceedings. So, get your teams out of the workplace setting and let us entertain them with games and prizes. We will set up a tournament, so everyone has a chance to throw and win. Along with your drinks we can provide food options for your team to enjoy. Be it sushi, pizza or party trays we can deliver an experience o keep everyone satisfied and fulfilled.

Come to Cleavage Axe in Sun Peaks, have some fun with the great team that will make your experience axe-ilarating. We can’t wait host your family activities, date nights, bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthday parties and corporate team building events. See you soon!

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